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    Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman shares valuable pa...
    Posted: November 21, 2014, 7:00 am



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    During the Second World War, Corrie ten Boom’s family owned a watchmaking business in the Netherlands, and they actively worked to protect Jewish families. Eventually, the entire ten Boom family was sent to a concentration camp, where Corrie’s father died 10 days later. Her sister Betsie also died in the camp. While Betsie and Corrie were in the camp together, Betsie’s faith helped to strengthen Corrie’s.

    Author: Randy Kilgore
    Posted: November 23, 2014, 1:00 am

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    Our Daily Bread Podcast | Our Daily Bread

    Daily Devotionals

    During the Second World War, Corrie ten Boom’s family owned a watchmaking business in the Netherlands, and they actively worked to protect Jewish families. Eventually, the entire ten Boom family…

    Posted: November 23, 2014, 5:00 am


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    How can you share the Gospel with someone who is content with the lies they believe? Is there a way to help them break past their acceptance of the status quo and truly examine what they believe? These are tough questions, but Ravi brings Biblical answers for reaching people with differing worldviews. That’s today on Just Thinking.
  • Insight For Living

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    Nov 20, 2014 - Nov 24, 2014

    Acts 8:25-40

    The apostles certainly had their share of adventure! After receiving the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost, they embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Empowered and emboldened by the Spirit, they preached the Gospel and performed extraordinary miracles, touching others’ lives as they went. Let’s take a look at how they effectively ministered to others so we can discover some positive principles to use in our own lives.

    Adventuring with God: Following in the Apostles' Footsteps

  • Living Truth

    Mon - Fri 9pm.

    The important thing here is not the reality of suffering but our attitude to suffering. And the attitude that Paul gives us here is simply we rejoice in our suffering. Not because we become masochistic – masochism is finding pleasure in pain – but we rejoice because suffering produces. It is creating something better and bigger.
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    Compass-Hey Howard on -

    "Hey Howard" is a daily one-minute radio ministry of Compass-Finances God's Way. Each day, host Howard Dayton, answers listeners questions by taking a succinct, practical and biblical approach to every day financial issues.

    Howard offers advice on investing in penny stocks.
    Author: Howard Dayton
    Posted: November 21, 2014, 12:00 pm


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    Church Alive brings local messages from area churches to you each week.


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    One hour of contemporary Christian music featuring global and local artists with their the latest Christian hits!

    Check out Canadian Corner and the Apologetix song of the week.

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  • Unshackled

    Mon/Wed/Sat 11pm

    Dann Slator - Part 2: (World War II, Alcohol) Dann keeps getting in trouble after he joins the Marines and spends time in the brig, where he's brutalized until his captain springs him. His unit joins the Pacific war effort, including New Guinea, the Philippines and Okinawa, where their ship endures a typhoon. After the war he buys a motorcycle and marries Esther. They adopt two girls; he goes to church and then prays for salvation in a bar. He has a prison ministry, becoming known as Chaplain Dann.
  • The Story Teller

    Sat 3pm. and Sun 12pm.

    Podcast ImageDon tells the story about the 1964 tidal wave that hit his village of Old Harbor, and the people that gave their lives to save his village. He also shares about another potential disaster, his problem with anger. His family was being torn apart. When his wife finally confronted him, Don knew that he had to change.
  • Keys For Kids

    Mon - Sat  7:30am & 7:30pm

    "Dad!" called Kara as she ran toward her father in the garden. "Mom says she wants eight ears of corn for supper."

    Dad nodded, laid his hoe aside, and began checking the ears. "Did you know you can do a lot more with corn than just eat it?" he asked. "The cobs can be turned into charcoal; the leaves and husks are sometimes used for toys; the stalks can be ground up for paper; the entire plant is often used to feed hogs and cattle. Every part of the corn plant can be used!"

    "Wow!" said Kara with a grin. "Corn is even better than I thought."

    Soon Kara and her father were on their way to the house with the sweet corn. "Dad, I asked Savannah to come to church with us this week," said Kara, "but she just laughed and said her grandpa told her Christians are corny." Kara frowned. "I don't even know what that means," she added.

    Dad smiled. "It's a term used to say something is ridiculous and foolish.

    Or maybe tiresome and boring. Things like that."

    "Oh. I guess she meant me, too," said Kara.

    "Well, maybe she gave you a compliment without knowing it," Dad suggested.

    "How could that be a compliment?" Kara asked.

    Dad smiled. "Remember what I just told you about corn?"

    "You told me different things it's used for,"

    Kara replied. "You said all of it is useful."

    "Right, so if you're corny, that's a good thing, don't you think? It indicates that you're totally useful. Every part of you--your heart, hands, lips, feet, and mind--can be used by God, just like every part of a corn plant can

    be used."

    After thinking a minute, Kara grinned. "I just remembered that we're going to have a Bible school picnic," she said. "I wonder if Savannah would come to that. It's always lots of fun. And aren't we going to roast some of our corn there?"

    Dad nodded. "That's our contribution," he said.

    "All right!" exclaimed Kara. "Maybe if Savannah comes and has some of it, she'll see that being corny can be a good thing!"

    How About You?
    Have you given all of yourself to be used by God? You can use your mouth to tell others about Him, your hands to help others for Him, your mind to learn more about Him, and don't hold back because someone might tease you. Speak up for Him! Let your speech and actions show that you love God with all your being.

    Today's Key Verse:
    You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart . . . your soul . . . your strength . . . your mind.
    (Luke 10:27)

    Today's Key Thought:
    Give God your all

  • Paws & Tales

    Sat 8am.

    Nov 21, 2014

    Psalm 51:10-12

    Ol' Gus tells the Bible story of Achan, a man who disobeyed God and suffered for it. Meanwhile, Marsha's food and blanket drive for the needy in Wildwood is coming together nicely. But when Marsha falls into temptation, she finds herself in Achan's place! It's a tale of biblical proportions!

    Paws & Tales

  • Kids Corner

    Tue 4pm.

    Episode Summary:

    Join the KC gang as Liz and Lucille face problem after problem helping Olivia and Roger to get married! Liz the wedding planner? Lucille a bridesmaid? Can Liz get the gang working together in time to give the wedding couple a special gift?

    Listen to this week's episode


    Verse: James 1:3

    “Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely.” (James 1: 2-18)

    Paul the missionary lived for many years in a prison. Experts say that he was in jail for almost six years. His Roman prison sunk about twelve feet underground and smelled horribly. It was very dark. Some of the guards were cruel. Prisoners were chained to the wall. They might have some straw to use as a bed.

    Paul’s life in prison was very difficult. But do you know what he did while he was in prison for preaching the gospel?

    In one prison, he and his friend Barnabas prayed and sang praise to God. They did not forget that the source of their strength was Jesus. In his Roman prison, Paul the missionary wrote three great letters to the churches of Ephesus, Colosse, and Philippi, as well as a personal letter to his friend Philemon. These letters today bless us as the Bible books of Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians and Philemon.

    God used Paul during his tough times to change people’s lives and give hope to other people who hurt. When things are tough, nobody likes that. God is there too in hard times. Nothing can separate you from the love of God.

    Full Devotion

    Discussion Guide:

    The Bible does not guarantee a life without hardships. In the Bible, James is saying that when problems and difficulties come that they should be considered blessings. When hard times come in life, God’s working to help turn bad things into good things. God’s not punishing you, and it’s not bad luck. Just hang in there and keep doing the hard stuff, because there’s something happening inside that you may not be able to see. The hard things in life help your faith to become mature, grown up. And when you do the hard work, when you hang in there, God makes you ready for whatever he has ahead for you.

    Full Discussion Guide